Lately there's a lot of joy-buyer also known as FFK buyer who submitted order form and reserve for fun.

Can you not do that? I'm getting tired with all this! It's stated very clearly that you shouldn't submit the order form if you have no intention to buy!!

Please don't waste my time and everyone's time. Thank you for your understanding & co-operation.


Here's some of the feedback received by email from our customers. There's a lot more thru sms which I'm not listing in here. If I left out anyone's feedback, do let me know ya

Hai fiona, i received the jacket ady, quite satisfied with it, potential to be ur next customer :P 10s for ur fast response and nice attitude too ^^ wish u all the best in ur business, hugz

Zhao Bei (My 1st customer! =))
*Our returning customer*


Hi baby, i received my parcel ady!!! I love it so much, 10s for bringing such a good quality product to us ^^ wanna 10s for ur little gift too, u r so kind will keep on support u, jia you !!!

Zhao Bei
*Our returning customer*



just to let u know that i've gotten the dress yesterday!
it's pretty and good quality...
thanks alot!
nice dealing with u...
hope you will bring in more items at a cheap price!!

Kate Yong

babe! received already! love it! thannk u!!!!

Seductive Venus

hi. received the cardigan on saturday.thnks for the speedy delivery !

Farah Adriza Zabir

hey babe... just want to inform that i got the white shorts today. love it to bits, perfect fit

Amber Malcom

Received the clothes few days go....I like it very much.. So, wanna place one more order with u

Wai Peng

thank you so much. you are totally awsome! =]
rock on summeracres!


hey i got my stuff d n they're in good condition =)

sorry for so late ni inform u
me just finished finals came back to hometown n just got to c my stuff >.< alot =")">

Chui Lynn
*Our returning customer*


Hi dear..

i'm not good at giving feedback..hehe..i'll try my best ya..

i heart all of Summeracres Store's 1st purchase is a very beautiful summer dress n the list goes on..nice stuff..nice, friendly n trustworthy seller too..

Lady Yuna
*Our regular customer*


Summeracres is my love at first sight. Not just the clothes are simple, comfortable, and trendy at the same time; but I might say that they offer the most affordable clothes on-line! Plus, they cater the convenient way to window shop virtually: easy to view their items and sufficient info were provided.

Emmi Fazlina
*Our regular customer*


shopping experienced at your blog is so nice+fun.i really need a new clothes and when like crazy with your stuff
i got a new style for me and it suit me well
thanks to you feeyona. you such an angel
cos of my size that is XL, actually it hard for me to find the suitable dress plus buying clothes using e-shopping?? it very risky cos i cant try the clothes.
but i always ask u if the dress fit me or not.n u always be honest with me.thanks a lot babe!!!
n i trust all your opinion
not to forget your customer services that is superb!!!
u are very friendly n u make me felt like making a deal with own friend
keep up the good work n i promise to spend my money at your blogshop..hehehe

*Our regular customer*


Thank you Feeyona.
I juz luv ur dresses, especial those on sales.
Coz so far, I get a dress less than RM30 from ur blogshop!

Emmi Fazlina
*Our regular customer*


received the post today. thanks! :)

Noor Fareza

Hey, got the garments already, Thanks, love it. (=

Kai Bing

Hi Feeyona,

I received your stuff. Loved them all

PolkaDot Cat

fiona ;)

i have received the parcel just now.
it was so luvly.


hi Feeyona,

received the clincher with thanks

nice dealing with you


Fara Afzan

Hi Fiona. It's Swan here if you still remember :) I m gonna buy this piece for my sister as she likes it lots. Hope it is still available :)

Swan (On our Keffiyeh Long Top)

hey! got it!! omg! love It so much !!!! thank you!!!

Yee Teng

a mystery gift?? how exciting!!
double wow from me for expecting my items & a free gift!

Thanx a mills Feeyona!

Emmi Fazlina
*Our regular customer*


hey ya i got my belt d
love it!
thanks ya babe =D

yes yes =D
berry nice hehe =3
a veri lovely belt indeed hehe

Chui Lynn (On our Angel White Bow Clincher)
*Our returning customer*


Hi dearie, I've received your parcel last week! Thank you so much! Love it!



I received my item today. Very nice! Fits me well too. Thanks again.


Mase Light


Just to inform you that i have got the parcel
Thanks ya!!!!

*Our regular customer & a friend now*


Hey babe,

I received the item on Tuesday. I actually ordered that on behalf for my friend. She really love it :)

Thanks again :)

Alice Yong

Hi fionaaa~~
I already received the cardie.. So fast eh.. hehehe.. Thanks so muchh dear.. ;)
Cant wait to try n match it later when i get home..


I like you site alot and i will definitely contiune on shopping at Summeracres! Have a good day, dear!

Bernice C
*Our returning customer*


heLLo there,

just received my parcel Monday blues turn tu shining n bling2 Monday..
next time I’ll paid for the post laju okey..later u’ll bankrupt if I’m not paying hehehehehhe

Nur Liyana

I've also received the clothing that I've ordered from you on Wednesday. Thanks for being so fast! You are actually the fourth blogshop owner I've bought things from. But the previous first two sellers refunded my money after waiting for a few months as they said there was no stock from suppliers. The third one is still waiting to reach her minimum target of orders before sending her order to her own suppliers. So technically, you are actually the first blogshop owner to have EVER sent me the items that I have ordered and paid for. I'm glad this time!

Grace Chong
*Our regular customer*


GOt the item yesterday...THANX...hope to deal with u again in future...


hey fiona, i've received the black long top today in good condition, thanks yeah!

*Our returning customer*


hye gal,
i got my package today.
i wuz excited when d postman came to my door.
my mom went "what izzit? is bought more online?"
with a proud smile, i went to my room n rip off d envelope.
i was happy to c d zig zag top which i'll b wearing soon..
next, d polkie dolkie tube dress.. omg, i hv been checking this for many times on ur blog n now, i finally bought it!
n when i was checking out d white tube dress, i found there r more tubes!
thanx for cute night creams feeyona! :)

luv, emmi

Emmi Fazlina (Isnt this a wonderful buyer)
*Our regular customer*


hye dear..i've received the top already..its so nice..thanx babe :)

Hasmaliza (On our MNG Inspired Baby-T)
*Our returning customer*


this is my 2nd order! Loved my 1st order bought from u! The chiffon dress and casually me t-dress is fanstastic!!!

Yup, I paired the chiffon dress with a purple turtleneck and dark jeans for casual Friday at work and the casually me T-shirt dresses i paired with shorts last weekend, makes me look slimmer and more stylish!!! i love it!!! i was quite afraid that i couldnt fit but it fit great. summore the t-shirt dress material is top-notch!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Jessica (On our Sweetie Pie Chiffon Dress & Casually Me Dress)
*Our returning cust

thanks fiona! i 'd received the parcel yesterday!! now it's mega sale i'm gonna buy more from you!


received the baju. Thanks a lot (& for your gift) The necklace ah.. still thinking whether to but...hehe but thanks for your infor on where to get it.

Thanks again and enjoy buying from you... real fast service.


hye babe..

i got my parcel yesterday.
thank very much ya..
i luv ur tops!
so good quality yet cheap priced :)
looking forward for more items under RM30


Emmi Fazlina
*Our regular customer*


hey there! thanks for the uber fast delivery! woooohoooo! i got it this afternoon! thanks loads dear!

really happy with my stuff! -hearts-


hey bbe, jst wnna let u knw tht i've received the shorts and i really really love it! tho its a lil bit loose fr me, but i still love it :)
hehe, thnks yeah

Raina (On our Short Pants c/w Belt)

Thanks 4 d bag fiona. I love all 3 dresses! Casually black is so nice worn off shoulders. D kimono twist colour is d same as my spag cotton dress i bought in bangkok, haha, but i still luv d dress. D colour makes me fairer. :-) D starry dress material is superb! I use my big black clincher instead.

This is my first zip up dress. Seen a lot on blogs tho but tis one catches my attention :-)

Connie (On our Starry Zip-It-Up Dress, A Twist Of Kimono & Casually Me Dress)
*Our returning customer*
(Feedback received thru sms. So great that we need to publish it =))

hi babe!
I've received my leopard print bra and the lingerie! Really love it lots, and noe wat, they fit me well too! =D Really gorgeous.. hohohoho ^^

Thanks a lot! Bring more gorgeous items yeah!!

Esther (from Aust)

Esther (On our BS001 Bra Set & NS003 Nighties Set)
*Our very first International customer!! lol*

hey summer! forgot to tell that i got the starry zipper dress! absolutely nice!!!

Evelyn Lee (On our Starry Zip-It-Up Dress)
*Our dear friend*

hello all, trust me, this is VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stefi (On our Candy Tube Dress. She bought 3pcs & all the colours!)
*Our dear friend & repeat customer!*

Fiona, hey d candy tube not too short leh. Just d nice sexy length i like hehe and wat a yummy yellow. D combination can really make anyone younger :-) also can b a skirt woh. Love love d ruffle pink! Not at all tight at d bust. Sweetest colour n i can wear with my zip up denim skirt!
Very hapi wit all my purcahses

Connie (On our Candy Tube Dress - Yellow & Zippy Ruffle - Pink)
*Our returning customer*
(Feedback received thru sms. So great that we need to publish it =))

Very comfy dress cos nicely fit at my bust area. Day n nite so suitable 2 wear. Length wise, ichiban! But definately have 2 go wit d belt. Very nice belt. At least something dat i dun have. Aiya so tempting 2 get d dark pink. Hehe

Connie (On our Dottie Dress + Clincher Set)
*Our returning customer*
(Feedback received thru sms. So great that we need to publish it =))

Hi fiona. Me going bangkok tomoro. M bringing d bag wit me on vacation as well :-). I used it on d first day I took from you. Love it 2 bits :-). My guy fren commented nice.Connie (On our Chanel Inspired Bag)
*Our returning customer*
(Wonderful buyer of all time!!)
Hey dear!!

I'm so happy that the garments (with the balance RM3) had reached me 20 minutes ago.
Thanks for your efficiency with friendliness...satisfied with appreciated!!

Also, so surprising all the garment s's material are is with good quality!!
It's worth my every cents!!
Have to say...thumbs-up!!!
This is a good experience I dealing with happy!
Wish to deal with u again in the future if some items are catching my eyes again...:)

By the way, aldy read ur blog label...Buyer Story...
What a terrible customer u met!! u're so pity ler...she is a scary...
U're ryte! Just treat that experience as a donation for charity...GOD will know!! hm...
I wish u all the best on ur business.

Anyway, nice to dealing with u.
Thanks much dear!!

Warmest Regards,

Natalie yee

Natalie Yee (On our Seamless Chiffon Skirt, Sassy Dress & Flowy Flowery Skirt)
*Our new & satisfied customer*

This is a good seller. COD with her last Sunday.
Great item! I both love the items so much.
Thank you so mucch. Superb quality item u offering!
*Wishing u, more sales for u and more nice items from u


Sazzzhi (On our Hermes Inspired Clutch)

*She bought 2pcs thru LYN!*

Hey dear,

I've received my parcel today. Love it. Tq! =)

Wanie (On our Lace Legging Design #1 & Japan Imported Earring)

Hey Fiona! Just received my parcel! Thanx ya :)

I've never tried liquid eyeshadow but I like the colour! :)

Putri (On our Revlon Molten Metal Liquid Eyeshadow in Scene Steel-er)

Hello there!
Receivd d bag oredy today.
Xtlly it arrvd ysterday bt since I was not at home, I hav to pck it up myself at d post offce.
D bag rely nice indeed..lov it!
Nway thanx again

Opsss btw thanx for the free gift
Forgot bout it.

Elly (On our Vincci + Inspired Bag)

I've got the parcel
Thanks dear,
It's been nice dealing with you

Chin Nee (On our Vintagy Dress in Black)

Hi, thanks a lot and sorry for havin you to take the trouble to drop by OU yesterday to pass me the items even if its inconvenient for you. I love the clincher. Hope to buy from you soon.

Andrea (On our Bowie Clincher in Black & Melody of Music)

Dear, i got the many faces top already :) Love it babe.

NICE + AWESOME! (all capital letters ;p). surprise nobody buy it leh, a steal for me :) hahaha.
Luckily it fits cos im kinda scared you know when i open the parcel
Thanks dear. for everything. the little gifts and the money inside an angpao :) make me paiseh :p

Ivy (On our Many Faces Baby-T in White)

Hie fiona,

I've received your pos laju shipment today. thank you very much! the dress its me nicely!


Fadilla (On our Vintagy Floral in Peach)

hye there!!!
i have received the bra set 3 days it so much..thank u..

Norashikin (On our BS003 Bra Set)

Hey dear, i got the white legging aldy. so happy to get it. the material is very good, that's what i want to find. really no regret to grab it. thanks much dear.
btw, is ankle length black legging available? i'd like to order 1pc.
Pls reply asap ya. TQ!

Natalie Yee (On our Seamless Knee Length Legging)

Item received in great condition.
Nicely wrapped, thank you

solsekuin44 (On our Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser)

Hi dear.. sorry to reply late ^^

Ive received the legging already....... quality is good and nice to wear 2 tumbs up for u ^^

StrawberryGirl (On our Lace Legging)

Hi Fiona,

I rcvd the racer back top ald. I like it very much.
Pls let me know if there is restockable for black color... i like it very much..:)


Jenny (On our Sexy Back - White & Yellow)

Hi dear Fiona, the black legging just reached here...thanks alot ya~Just want to say...thumb-up! No matter in material or cutting, of course including yo service & efficiency!
Er...actually i'm still considering...shd i grab 1pc again as i pair with legging quite often...kekeke..
dear, will inform u again once i made decision ya. By the way, is it still available huh?
thanks much!!

Kind Regards,
Natalie Yee

Natalie Yee (On our Seamless Ankle Length Legging)*Our return customer!*

Hi Fiona. D white racer very versatile. So great with my shorts or ali baba pants. U r so kind on d postage btw..
Thanks so much Fiona

Connie (On our Sexy Back - White)
*Our wonderfullllllll friend!*

Hey ! May Sheng here. Received my black ankle leggings long ago ad :p and its good ! Like it. I have 4 black leggings now, but out of it, yours is the material I've been searching for ! No kidding. I got cotton, lycra(the shiny type ? ugh) and the pantyhose one. Yours top it :p

May Sheng (On our Seamless Ankle Length Legging)


I have received the item :) I really love it and satisfy with the quality! Thanks!!~

Wei Wei

Wei Wei (On our Polka Zipper Dress - Blue Dot)

Hi dear,
Received your legging, it's so perfect and really worth it to hv it.. ;-)

Regina (On our Seamless Knee Length Legging)

Hi Fiona, thanks for the leggings, loveeeeee it so much! received yesterday.. do tell me if u have any other lace leggings or lenggings in general ya? Happy CNY!!!

Tiara (On our Lace Legging)

Babe already received the parcel! I love love the smell revlon mineral colorstay!! It smell like a cake! Yummy!! Looking forward to buy more cosmetic from u after I get my "gaji" LOL!

Yna (On our Revlon Mineral Colorstay Lipglaze - Eternal Blossom)

Hey Fiona....

I've received the parcel already... thanks a lot!! its gorgeous.... now I'm regretting I didn’t get the pink piece.

Allyson (On our Sexy Back - Black & White)

Hi Fiona....

I've received the parcel oredi.... the colours were really pretty.... I'm wearing the black one today.... super comfy.... thanks a lot!!

Allyson (On our Sexy Back - Pink & Yellow)
* Our returning customer for Sexy Back. Thanks babe *

Hi Fiona., i got my parcel ody..the studded mini skirt and the lace legging is so lovely.might buy from u again.thanks so much! Really luv it! ^_^

Syikin (On our Studded Mini Skirt - Black & Lace Legging)

Hi Fiona,

I got ur parcel d...Thanks.

Wei Siong (On our Sexy Back - White)

Hey babe,
Got the legging!!
Luv it..its exactly wat i wanted

Thx ya!!

Susanna (On our Seamless Ankle Length Legging)

I'd received the legging today! And, I'm so happy with the quality.

Thanks and I'm hoping for another trade with you again in future.

Farah (On our Lace Legging)

Hi there..
I've received the cardigan ya ^^
The quality is nicer than what i thought ^^
Thanks fiona ^^

Shui Yee (On our Button-Up Long Cardigan - Pink)

Hello Fiona, Norjuliana here. Received my dress just now n thank you for the lil small gift! :)

Norjuliana (On our Lacey Floral - Blue & Peach)
* YES! This wonderful buyer buy both colour! Thanks babe ;) *

I love the cardi! Do u still have d whitest of white ones?

Connie (On our Lace Cardi - Black)

Hie I got the top already! Thanks love! :)

Poh Leen (On our Lace Cardi - White)

Hi dear, got the Peacock Beauty and Lace Cardi. LOVE THEM ALL! Thanks for the extra discount and free gifts ;) U're the most generous seller I ever bought from. Most of the other seller doesn't even want to discount even just a few RM. Thanks for free postage too.

I saw your posting on the disturbing girl. Ignore her lah. She's too free nothin to do lah. What you do with your own website is no one's business. Why would she busy body abt? She don't like it then just blah la. Don't worry. We still love you. You see la. Where to find other seller who's willing to discount for return customer and to bulk buyers? Which seller give free postage for everything? And not forgetting free gifts. She's just proving to you that she's insane!

Girl, I support you all the way ok. Thanks for everything.

Evelyn Lee (On our Peacock Beauty - White & Lace Cardi - Black & White)
** Our returned customer! **

Hi babe,

Thank you so much for coming all the way! I totally love the kimono colour top! =D

Fyza (On our A Twist Of Kimono - Brown, Black, Purple)
** Our new Business Associate! **

Parcel received, thanks!!

Najidah (On our Peacock Beauty - White)

Hi Fiona.

FYI I've received the dress. Thanks so much. Have a good wkend! =)

Jen (On our Peacock Beauty - Dark Brown)

Hi babe,

Glad to hear you like the belt.


Hasrina (On our BT001 Clincher - Red)

Oh btw i LOOVVEEE the dresses.
I gave the blue away.
I actually love the black and peach.
And the material feels so nice on my skin.
Love love love.


Narcea Salim (On our Cris Cross Dress - Peach, White, Blue & Black)
* Yes! This wonderful buyer bought all the colors! And she gave the Blue to her friend as a gift*

Hey babe!!

I just received the parcel..

It's totally awesome!!! =) IT was in an excellent condition and almost all are sold out :)

Thanks alot babe! =D

** Our new Business Associate! **

Hi Fiona,

I've received the parcel.Thanks ya.=)

Jolene Ong (On our Giraffe Tee - Pink)

Fiona..... i received ur dress.............. thank you very much, i like it.... but this dress have to wear with legging is it?

Mdm. Jane Shim (On our 2-Tone Floral Dressy - Black)

Hi, I received the items today. They're gorgeous. Thanks.

Mei Lin (On our Pastel Flowery Kimono Dress - Purple & So Sweet of You - Purple)

Hi Fiona,

I just retrieved the items from the post office today. I love them cos both fit me nicely (which is very rare cos i've grown sideways!). Plus, I LOVE THE STAMPS! Thank you very much and many more great stuff to come!

Flo :)

Florence (On our Ruffle Tube Dress - Blue & Crop Jacket - Red)

Hi Fiona,

I had received the clothes. Thanks.

Lim Ka Ka (On our Seamless Ankle Legging - Black x3, Peplum Dress & Laces Shorts - Black & White)

Dear.. received yr parcel last friday and u r right the dress is so lovely and i just wear it to meeting today.. love it so much!


Regina (On our Ribbed Stripe Dress - Black)

Hi summeracres,

I have received my order yesterday.

Thank you very much!!

Ezwa Bt Ikram

Ezwa (On our Short Back Knitted Long Sleeve Cardigan - Black)

I had received the things last Friday. It is very good quality. Thanks yea.

Alice Thien (On our Denim Rose Earring #1, Flower Charm Bracelet & Pearlie Bow Bracelet - Pink)

Hi there sorry of not replying earlier, I already received the parcel. Love it. Thank u so much yea!

Nazira (On our Princess Chiffon Top - Peach)

Item rec TQ ya

Theresa (On our Giraffe Tee - Grey)

Hi Fiona,

I received the leggings today.. love them :) thanks ya!

Diana S (On our Seamless Knee & Ankle Length Legging - Black)

Hi, I've received the item. Nicely packed. Thank you very much.

Teletubbies (On our Seamless Knee Length Legging - Black)

Have received the parcel. Thanks

Jennet - Our International buyer (On our Lace Cardi - White)

Sorry I've been busy and forgot to tell u that the parcel has arrived...thank u:)

Louise (On our Reebonz Dress - Black)

Hi Fiona,

I've received my top. Thanks!

Cynthia (On our Chiffon Kimono Top - Green)

Hi Fiona,

I just collected my mails today. As usual the garments fit me perfectly. Thank you very much also for the thoughtful skincare products. You are Heaven-sent! Will definitely be back for more stuff and recommend you to my friends who are "my size" :P

Btw, I understand that you have removed the blog posts for items which are sold but by any chance do you still keep a record of the measurement for the Lace Dress which I bought. I always forget my measurements and have to re-measure every time I wish to order online. I would like to have the measurement for record purposes so that I can use it as the guideline for future online purchases. If you dont have it anymore, it's okay. Thank you so much again!

Flo :)

Florence (On our Lace Dress - Beige & Ruffle Tube Dress - Green)


Received the bag today. Thanks a lot.

Vun Fui (On our LongChamp Le Pliage Inspired Shoulder Bag - Pink)

Hi hun,

just to let u know that i've received the Princess Chiffon Top white today :)
luv it so much!! thanks! :))

Happy Chinese New Year

warm regards,

Shaynae (On our Princess Chiffon Top - White)

Dear Fiona,

Haha, I didn't realized we had the same first name until I got my package from you. Hehe

Thank you so much for sending the shirt so fast, I really like, but most of all, I really love the smell you put on it, very nice lah! What perfume is it? Do I need to wash it first ah?

Thanks again

Fiona Ng (On our Victorian Lace Shirt)

Hi Fiona,

I received my leggings today..Initially i ordered them based on the great reviews from your previous customers. Today, I can feel the good quality for myself. I'm totally satisfied with it as it's worth my every cent!

Thanks alot Fiona!

Ms. Chew (On our Seamless Knee and Ankle Length Legging - Black)


Esther said...
July 21, 2009 at 3:53 PM

hi babe!
I've received my leopard print bra and the lingerie! Really love it lots, and noe wat, they fit me well too! =D Really gorgeous.. hohohoho ^^

Thanks a lot! Bring more gorgeous items yeah!!

Esther (from Aust)

Summeracres said...
July 21, 2009 at 5:00 PM

Awwww dear. You have no idea how anxious I am hehehe.
I'm soooo happy & glad you've gotten the parcel and the most importantly...loving it!

Thanks for the wonderful comment & do come back soon ya ;)

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